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March 19th 2022

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MARCH 19th, 2022

We are happy to announce the 2022 Moonlight Run will be an in person event!
This year's event will include our traditional in person distances of 6 km and 10 km and back by popular demand two virtual challenge events 38.44K and 76.44K will be included (distances representing 0.01% of the distance to the Moon (384,400 km) or to the Moon and back (768,800 km)).

Being a "5 year" anniversary the shirt options will include Adult sized pull over Hoodies as well as Adult & Youth sized Long Sleeved cotton t-shirts.

More details and pricing will be posted as they become available,

Entries will be limited to the first 1500.

**COVID Note

The Moonlight Run is following all COVID guidelines required by the Alberta Government and will adapt as needed as the date of the event approaches.
For the safety of our volunteers and participants, proof of double vaccination will be required prior to race day for all vaccine eligible age groups.
Details on showing or submitting proof of double vaccination will be provided closer to March 19.


Entries set to open mid-December 2021!

Details TBA

Entry info

Details TBA




Registration is due to open Dec. 15/2021 and will be online only and limited to 1500 entries.




10K Walk/Run

Course info and map will be posted once available.

6K Walk/Run

Course info and map will be posted once available.

To The Moon ... & Back

The popular "Challenges" are back this year, for those up to it, gives you the opportunity of completing either 38.44K or 76.88K cumulatively over 9 days. You can post your distance and time each day you run/walk (you don't have to run/walk every day). The dashboard will calculate your total distance and time once you have posted.


  • date, times and location TBA



Run Entry Changes, Transfers. Refunds

We understand that things can come up between your time of registration and race day but unfortunately there are NO REFUNDS. We do allow CHANGES and TRANSFERS of entries however and the process to follow is described below..
In the event of the in-person event being cancelled due to COVID, all participants will be informed as quickly as possible and automatically switched to a virtual event. The Moonlight Run will not reschedule and refunds will not be provided.

To make any CHANGES (distance, sizes, age group, etc.) to your Moonlight CHANGES must no later than 11:59 pm Sunday March 13th, 2022 and be made by emailing details here or texting details to 403.331.8514


A TRANSFER requires a new form to be filled in by the NEW entrant with the name of the person who is giving up their spot at the top. All information for the person taking the spot (new entrant)needs to be filled in and the new person MUST AGREE TO THE WAIVER. A link to the form will be available soon


Race results will posted at once the event starts..

Make sure you provide a cell number on your entry form to have results texted to you the once you finish!

Printable results (current and previous)will be posted at in both pdf and text format.

Am I confirmed as entered..

You will check our Moonlight Run entry confirmation list by doing a last name search . A link to search will be provided once entries are open.

How many and who is in my Age Category..

Curious to see who and how many are in your age category....right? A link will be provided once entries open.



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CASA - Moonlight Run Start/Finish

Package Pickup
Friday March 20 NOON - 8pm
Saturday March 21 - 11am - 4pm

2020 Moonlight Run Paper Entry Form

2021 Moonlight Finishers Medal


2021 Moonlight Run Sweatshirts



Dashboard on phone


Select Yes from dropdown

Another dropdown will appear

Select your change

Press the Change Distance Button


6K/10K Time Posting Instructions


To The Moon Challenge Time & Distance Input Instructions